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SimSail 6.5.150 (Windows 10 & 11 - version 64 bits)


  • Export routing to table: parameters can be selected

  • Full replay of navigation (with NMEA sentences recorded) (Parameters > Boat > Log NMEA)

  • Navigation objects (Text, Circle, Figure, Range-Bearing Line, Line from boat [ERBL])

  • When boat icon is checked, the chart moves with the boat immobile in the viewport

  • Tides: heights of low tides displayed

  • Night display is configurable

  • Atlas of currents: enhanced accuracy

  • Fix: No attempt to connect at start (by default)

  • Fix: In gribs, no more mix between the different altitudes of the wind (only level 10 m)

  • Fix: Reading of Meteo Consult gribs

  • Fix: Icon of charts

  • Fix minor bugs

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[FRA] Au téléchargement, des avertissements peuvent apparaitre car le fichier d'installation n'est pas signé numériquement (la signature de code n'est pas gratuite).

[ENG] When downloading, warnings may appear because the installation file is not digitally signed (code signing is not free).

Clean Code VerificationSHA-256: 26bdaddcbf65a97081b27d8a5cd869155a362a78dce7f2473dcf3c6a2e0109fd

​[FRA] L'installation peut nécessiter d'installer les fichiers Windows (vc_redist.x64.exe) situés dans le répertoire de SimSail.

[ENG] May require to install Windows files (vc_redist.x86.exe) that are located in the directory of SimSail.

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