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SimSail 5.9 (Windows 10 - 11)



  • Fixed: correct barbs on wind arrows until 100 kt

  • Fixed: NMEA 2000 when converted to NMEA 0183 sentences

  • Fixed: when a type of raster is not available, switch to the other type

  • Fixed: crashes are less frequent in video mode

  • New style of window (without title bar). Access via Parameters/Options/Interface

  • New set of icons for the main toolbar. Icons can be modified

  • New convenient Panel for the list of the routings

  • New: Grib files (wind, currents & waves) can be deleted from the Parameters dialog box (right click)

  • New: Right click on the gradient icon shows the figures

  • New: Mouse wheel over certain buttons (wind, currents & waves) switches between the files

  • New: Key F8 saves a capture of the window in the download folder

  • GreatCircle username & password are now encrypted in the registry (technical set)

  • Character set is Unicode in all the code (technical set)

​[FRA] L'installation peut nécessiter d'installer les fichiers Windows (vc_redist.x86.exe) situés dans le répertoire de SimSail.

[ENG] May require to install Windows files (vc_redist.x86.exe) that are located in the directory of SimSail.

Soyez patient avec Google Drive

Be patient with Google Drive

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