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SimSail 6.1 (Windows 10 - 11 - version 64 bits)


  • Magnetic declination added (Model WWM)

  • Map grid enhanced on low scale

  • Currents of SHOM added as they are now free

  • Arrows of currents harmonized (SHOM, grib, atlas)

  • Reading of NMEA sentences that have tag blocks (after a multiplex process)

  • Yaw, Pitch and Roll from the pilot gyroscope as repeaters

  • In Config.ini, repeaters are now declared by their short names

  • Fixed: dates in OpenWRF gribs

  • Fixed: sorting of AIS taget names

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​[FRA] L'installation peut nécessiter d'installer les fichiers Windows (vc_redist.x64.exe) situés dans le répertoire de SimSail.

[ENG] May require to install Windows files (vc_redist.x86.exe) that are located in the directory of SimSail.

Le fichier est sur un Google Drive. Soyez patient. Le fichier est sans virus.

The file is on a Google Drive. Be patient. Without any virus.

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