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SimSail is a free software for navigation, weather analysis, sailing route planning and performance analysis.

The strength of SimSail is to access a very large number of parameters. If current data exists, the wind received by the boat for the calculation of the routing will be the wind-surface resulting from the combination of the current and the wind, which corresponds to the reality.

The routing can be multi gribs of wind and current, multi road segments and multi-boats including compensated times from ratings.


SimSail can be connected to a navigation data system in order to analyse the performance of the boat and compare the actual navigation data with the routing.

SimSail is a simulation tool because it artificially reproduces the operation of a sailboat in its environment, using a computer program for purposes of study, demonstration or explanation.



  • Mercator projection and with full scrolling in longitude (infinite map)

  • Coordinates in WGS84 format

  • Everything is in orthodromy

  • Maps raster SnMap (sold by ScanNav®) and BSB

  • OpenStreetMap, OpenSeaMap and Google Maps®

  • World coastlines with coastal cities and capitals

  • Bathymetry (European Marine Observation and Data®)

  • Connection to instruments (serial or wifi) with display of the boat and all the navigation data

  • Laylines upwind and downwind

  • Configurable repeaters with graphs

  • AIS (Automatic Identification System) with list of targets

  • Complete tool of measure of distance

  • Tides at many locations in the world with tide graph

  • Sun and moon rise and set

  • World magnetic declination



  • Grib file of wind (edition 1 and 2) with display of wind, gusts, isobars, precipitation, humidity, total cloud cover, temperature and convection

  • Grib files of currents and waves (edition 1 and 2)

  • All gribs of wind and current can be modified in intensity and lag

  • Perpetual current atlas for the area from Belgium to Spain

  • SHOM tidal streams included

  • Direct request of gribs from Great Circle® (subscription required at Great Circle®)

  • Email requests for Saildocs® and Great Circle®

  • Weather graph and Tide graph

  • Water and air particle trajectory

  • Weather pointer



  • Automatic routing or control of all parameters

  • Routing sailing, dual with sailing and motoring with fuel consumption and, motoring only

  • Routing by Isochrones, at the best course or on the route

  • Routing on multiple legs of route

  • Routing from the boat and/or to the active waypoint

  • Routing with multi gribs of wind and current

  • Imposed waypoint (pivot point on isochrone)

  • Integration of the current into all routing calculations (wind and boat)

  • Avoidance of coasts and barriers defined by the user

  • Avoidance of thunderstorms, weak or strong wind and high waves

  • Multiple routings by scan of variables (polar, wind – strength & lag, current – strength & lag, time of departure and several boats)

  • Numerous tools of visualization of the routing (display of all conditions met on a route step by step and global statistics)

  • More than 500 polars provided with possibility to modify them[1]

  • Export of progress table

  • Routing time step from 1 min to 6 hours

  • 4 modifiable configurations for the same boat for quick access (cruising, regatta, etc.)

  • Loss of speed for tacks integrated in the calculations



  • Automatic backup of the working environment

  • Backup and trace analysis (NMEA data)

  • Trace converter in CSV format

  • Performance tests at sea for periods of time

  • Simulator to configure repeaters

  • Languages: French, English, Dutch, Spanish

  • Routes, marks, barriers and traffic separation devices in GPX format

  • Compatible with high definition screens (High DPI)

  • Borderless window, with integrated icon bar, to maximize workspace

[1] some come from

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